Past events

Date Event
1/22/2015 - 1/27/2015 Engineering School Week of 2015
1/7/2015 Master Dissertation Defense - Pedro Miguel Pimentel Guimarães
1/7/2015 Master Dissertation Defense - Marco André Costa Dinis
1/6/2015 Master Dissertation Defense - Diogo Francisco de Carvalho Almeida
12/19/2014 Master Dissertation Defense - Tiago Alves Carção
12/18/2014 Master Dissertation Defense - Rui Miguel de Carvalho Videira Gonçalo
12/15/2014 Master Dissertation Defense - Catarina Sofia Rodrigues Oliveira
12/15/2014 Master Dissertation Defense - Tiago Filipe de Azevedo Abade
12/12/2014 Master Dissertation Defense - Nuno Tiago Ferreira de Carvalho
12/11/2014 Master Dissertation Defense - Mário Jorge Barros Pinto
12/11/2014 Master Dissertation Defense - Flávio Gonçalves Rodrigues
12/10/2014 Master Dissertation Defense - Tiago Manuel da Silva Jorge
12/10/2014 Master Dissertation Defense - Daniel Rodrigues Pacheco Murta
12/10/2014 Master Dissertation Defense - Nuno Miguel Rocha de Sousa
11/6/2014 CMU Portugal Program Information Session
10/30/2014 Lecture "Bidirectional Programming in Software Development"
10/29/2014 Dissertation Defense of MAP-i Doctoral Program - A Relational Approach to Bidirectional Transformations
4/24/2014 HASLAB SEMINAR: Formal Verification of kLIBC with the WP Frama-C plug-in - Cristiano Sousa (HASLab) @ DI A2
3/21/2014 HASLAB SEMINAR: Reasoning about eventual consistency with replicated data types - Alexey Gotsman (IMDEA Software Institute) @ DI A2
2/12/2014 HASLAB SEMINAR: Outline of the National Institute of Informatics, its main research activities and international cooperation policy - Henri Angelino (Global Liaison Office, NII) @ DI A1
2/4/2014 HASLab Seminar: Challenges in Verification and Validation of Software-Reliant Safety-Critical Systems - Miriam Alves (IAE) @ DI A1
1/28/2014 HASLAB SEMINAR: Update monads - Tarmo Uustalu (Institute of Cybernetics, Tallinn) @ DI A1
1/27/2014 HASLAB SEMINAR: pH1: middleware transacional para NoSQL - Fábio André Coelho (HASLab) @ DI A1
1/24/2014 HASLab Seminar: Formal Methods in Industry: the PROVA System - José Miguel Faria (Educed) @ DI A2
1/17/2014 HASLab Seminar: SplayNet: Distributed User-Space Topology Emulation - Valerio Schiavoni (University of Neuchatel, CH)