StAN: exploiting shared interests without disclosing them in gossip-based

Matos M, Nunes A, Oliveira R, Pereira JO.  2010.  StAN: exploiting shared interests without disclosing them in gossip-based. 9th Internacional Workshop on Peer- to- Peer Systems - IPTPS. :9.

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Publish/subscribe mechanisms for scalable event dissemination are a core component of many distributed systems ranging from EAI middleware to news dissemination in the Internet. Hence, a lot of research has been done on overlay networks for efficient decentralized topic-based routing. Specifically, in gossip-based dissemination, approximating nodes with shared interests in the overlay makes dissemination more efficient. Unfortunately, this usually requires fully disclosing interests to nearby nodes and impacts reliability due to clustering.
In this paper we address this by starting with multiple overlays, one for each topic subscribed, that then separately self-organize to share a large number of physical connections, thereby leading to reduced message traffic and maintenance overhead. This is achieved without a node ever disclosing an interest to another node that doesn’t share it and without impacting the robustness of the overlay. Besides presenting the overlay maintenance protocol, we evaluate it using simulation in order to validate our results.

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