I recently completed my Ph.D. on "Database Replication for Enterprise Applications" at HASLab, supervised by José Orlando Pereira.


I collaborated on the European Community-funded GORDA project, whose goal was to foster database replication as a means to address the challenges of current database systems. I worked on providing GORDA with a web-based graphical monitoring and management console that leverages JMX capabilities. 

I was also involved in the P-SON project, specifically in developing applications for the NeEM epidemic multicast protocol. In this context, I worked on a RSS feed caching and dissemination architecture that leverages p2p networks to accomplish its task and later on a generic P2P content-push architecture based on Web feeds and social network services, which served as a basis for my Master’s dissertation work. I also worked on an epidemic dissemination protocol that takes advantage of participants’ shared interests without actually disclosing them. 

In the context of my Ph.D, my work was focused on how to bridge the gap between traditional database-centric applications and the promises of high availability. 

Currently, I'm a part of the CloudDBAppliance european project, and also have been collaborating with CPES in the context of the UPGRID and InteGRID european projects.