Escada Replicator

ESCADA is a portable and flexible database replication system that accom- modates multiple reliability, performance, and applicability tradeoffs: Target scenarios range from shared-nothing clusters to remote sites for disaster prevention. Currently supported database management systems include Apache Derby, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.


The GORDA Architecture and Programming Interface (GAPI) allows porta- ble replication protocols to be easily implemented and reused with different database management systems. It is designed to be provided either na- tively by the database server or by a server wrapper. The included functionality supports a variety of replication protocols, both master-slave or multi-master, synchronous or asynchronous. It should also be useful to build other data management tools.

UBlog Benchmark

UBlog is a performance evaluation toolkit that mimics the usage of the Twitter social network. The workload may be used with both key-value stores and relational databases.