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Manuel Barbosa taking a position at FCUP

Manuel Barbosa, member of the direction of HASLab, ended, last Friday, his 14 year connection to the Department of Informatics of University of Minho. He will be starting an equivalent position in the Department of Computer Science at FCUP. The HASLab researcher has stated this change does not alter his role within HASLab, to which he hopes to remain connected for many years to come.

João Paulo is the third doctorate of HASLab in 2015

”Dependable Decentralized Storage Management for Cloud Computing” is the theme of the doctoral thesis of João Paulo, one of the HASLab researchers on Distributed Systems, defended last Friday.

SafeCloud approved for HASLab

The High-Assurance Software Laboratory received the approval of the project SafeCloud (Secure and Resilient Cloud Architecture). This is an European project that will be coordinated by HASLab.

Francisco Maia is the latest doctorate of HASLab

Francisco Maia, one of the HASLab researchers on Distributed Systems, defended on April 30 his doctoral thesis with the subject “Epidemic Store for Massive Scale Systems”.

In memory of José Mariano Gago

José Mariano Gago: 1948 - 2015

Researcher of HASLab in Oracle

Filipe Campos, researcher at HASLab, started yesterday to work at ORACLE, one of the best multinational American companies in the area of Informatics, which operates in several market sectors.

Member of HASLab organizes workshop in the EuroSys 2015

Carlos Baquero, one of the researchers of HASLab, along with Marco Serafini, member of Qatar Computing Research Institute, organizes on next week the Workshop on Principles and Practice of Consistency for Distributed Data (PaPoC). 

2nd edition of HASLab Open Day with positive balance

In the context of the Enterprise Europe Network (Portugal) the HASLab Open Day happened yesterday in the University of Minho. Several enterprises in the ICT area have been present with the objective of establish and reinforce the relations with the HASLab.

LeanBigData is the best european R&D cooperation project

LeanBigData (Ultra-Scalable and Ultra-Efficient Integrated and Visual Big Data Analytics), a project from INESCTEC’s High Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab) and Centre for Information Systems and Computer Graphics (CSIG), received the madri+d Award for Best European R&D Cooperation Project.