I hold a PhD in Information Engineering, and my current position is full-time post-doctoral researcher at HASLab/INESC TEC and Universidade do Minho (Braga, Portugal). My expertise is on tools and techniques for verification and validation of high-assurance medical device systems. Since 2012, I am visiting researcher at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US medical device regulator. Together with the FDA and my colleagues from the CHI+MED group, we developed analysis tools and techniques to facilitate the identification of latent software design issues in programmable medical devices -- check our YouTube video ``Design Issues in Medical User Interfaces'' for example defects discovered in commercial medical devices in use in hospitals across the US and UK. Our results are currently used by regulators for the assessment of pre-market submissions, and to raise awareness about software issues in marketed devices. Hospitals are also using our results for training and to improve their procurement decisions. Since 2015, I am also enrolled as external software assessor for the MHRA, the UK medical device regulator.

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Get in touch with me:  paolo.masci@inesctec.pt

Dr. Paolo Masci
Departamento de Informática
Universidade do Minho
Campus de Gualtar
4710-057 Braga