Pattern Based Software Development


By Rui Couto, HASLab, INESC TEC & UMinho.

AbstractFor its contribution to a systematic and rigorous process, Model Driven Architecture (MDA) can be seen as an interesting software development methodology.
Software models (being formal representations), are used in the MDA as a part of a systematic and automated development process. Software models are derived from requirement specifications (requirement models), and such transformation is usually a manual process. It is well known that manual transformation process have a negative impact in the overall process, being the same is valid for the requirement models to software models transformation process.

In order to mitigate these problems, this work proposes a developent process, to support the automatic transformation of requirement models into software models. It allows for the integration of requirement models as part of the MDA standard process. The proposal is supported by a framework, sustained by a controlled natural language in order to formalize the requirements specification. The specifications are then converted into an intermediary representation, with support for information manipulation, and then to identify software requirement patterns. These software requirement patterns represent common requirements found across several specifications. The software requirement patterns support the process of identifying relevant software patterns, which can be instantiated and combined in order to produce architectural models. These models are integrated in the MDA process, in order to at the end achieve source code, user interface prototypes, among other analysis artifacts.

Keywords. Software Engineering, Model Driven Development, Software Patterns.

About the speakerRui Couto is a PhD student at the Department of Informatics of the University of Minho, supervised by Prof. António Nestor Ribeiro and Prof. José Creissac Campos, and a researcher at HASLab/INESC TEC. His research interests lie in the intersection of Model Driven Development, Software Engineering, and Requirements Engineering. He holds an MSc. in Informatics Engineering from the University of Minho, and has been working on the application of model driven techniques and tools to the software development process since then. Rui is particularly interested in bringing closer the software engineering and requirements engineering fields, with a focus on automated reasoning techniques and tools. Rui has published several conference and workshop papers so far.


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