Implementation and test of transactional primitives over Cassandra

Coelho F.  2013.  Implementation and test of transactional primitives over Cassandra.

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MSc Thesis


NoSQL databases opt not to o er important abstractions traditionally found in relational databases in order to achieve high levels of scalability and availability: transactional guarantees and strong data consistency. These limitations bring considerable complexity to the development of client applications and are therefore an obstacle to the broader adoption of the technology. In this work we propose a middleware layer over NoSQL databases that o ers transactional guarantees with Snapshot Isolation. The proposed solution is achieved in a non-intrusive manner, providing to the clients the same interface as a NoSQL database, simply adding the transactional context. The transactional context is the focus of our contribution and is modularly based on a Non Persistent Version Store that holds several versions of elements and interacts with an external transaction certi er. In this work, we present an implementation of our system over Apache Cassandra and by using two representative benchmarks, YCSB and TPC-C, we measure the cost of adding transactional support with ACID guarantees.

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